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I know that You can do all things, And that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted. Job 42:2 (NASB)

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"Adversity Has A Purpose" - Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - submitted by Dianne Prince

Sometimes when the answer to your prayers is delayed, you begin to wonder, why God is taking so long. You pray, and nothing happens. You stand still and it appears the salvation of the Lord has passed you. You wait for your change, but your change does not come.  And, after a while, the devil begins to work with your mind. And you begin to focus more on your problems, than on the goodness of God. You begin to feel hopeless. And you begin to doubt God. You talk to your friends and they tell you, "Child, the Lord knows what you are going through. Hang in there. Trust in the Lord. Things are going to get better."  No consolation. You talk to your pastor and he tells you, "God knows all about it. He is just testing you. Jesus will fix it after while."  Still, there is no consolation.

You know God knows all about your situation. You know He has not left you; but, you just do not feel His presence. Your soul is restless. You are not at peace in your mind because your circumstance has gone on much too long. You are tired of struggling. You are tired of waiting. You are tired of wondering when deliverance will come. And, you are tired of being tired.

You want to give up when your friends are telling you to hold on.  You want relief when your pastor is telling you to keep the faith. You long for the midnight to end and everybody is telling you joy comes in the morning. You wake up every morning, but joy never comes.

Job was a perfect and upright man. God gave the devil permission to destroy Job's family, to wipe out his finances, to strip him of his reputation, to destroy his health, and to disrupt his peace of mind.  When Job"s trouble first came, he was able to praise God in the midst of his adversity. However, as time went on, Job became weary.  Job became impatient. And Job questioned God. It was not until after Job learned the lessons God needed him to learn that his adversity passed. Once Job acknowledged God as being sovereign he was delivered and God restored him two-fold. Job went into his situation knowing about God. He came out with the revelation that God is the self-governing, supreme ruler; and, there is nobody superior to Him. He came out of the situation knowing that God does whatever He wants to do, with whomever He wants to do it, and whenever He pleases.

God is sovereign. And he is to be worshipped in whatever He chooses to allow into your life. He has all power. He is all wise. And He is the Creator and Preserver of the world. God controls the uncontrollable. And God reduces the complex to simple.

God, in his infinite wisdom, will permit whatever He chooses to allow in your life, not because you did something wrong, but because he is strengthening your character. He is pruning away some undesirable attributes, and He is adding some desirable ones. Through adversity, God is building your faith and molding your trust and hope in Him. His intent is for you to see Him in a more profound light. He desires you to come through victoriously so you can reach back and use your testimony to help somebody else.

Adversity has a purpose. And God has a plan. In your darkest hour, God wants you to acknowledge that the answer to your problem does not lie in the advice of your friends. But the answer lies in His Son, Jesus. Jesus is your hope, your anchor, your buckler and your shield. He is your stronghold in trouble.

Today, in the midst of your adversity, praise and pray, not wavering, but in faith, believing that if you persevere and seek God's face, after while, and by and by, you will see God in a different light. In your adversity, you will learn something new about God and you will see life in a refreshing, uplifting way.