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Psalm 62:8 - Trust in Him at all times, you people.

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"Every Rough Road Has an End" - Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - by Dianne Prince

Psalm 62:8 - Trust in Him at all times, you people.

Every Rough Road Has an End

A ministry friend shared with me that his contract with a major company is ending due to financial constraints of the company.  He has to let go of most of his employees as a result because a large portion of his revenues comes from the contract. He said, “I know God has something better, but God does not let me in on what His plans are for me. He does not tell me how He is going to provide for me and all those workers I have to release, and He will not tell me when He will do it and through whom.” He went on to say, ‘However, I know He is up to something big but it is nerve-racking to not know what it is.” He further commented with conviction, “Experience tells me God will come through in His time.” What a profound outlook!

As most of us, my ministry friend desires to know what is going to happen in a given day, how he is going to provide for his family, and if his workers will be okay. He has a deep desire to plan and control the profits and the outcome of his business.

As human beings, we like making our own plans and carrying them out to the letter. We like to know the details of what is going to take place today, tomorrow, and the day after.  We want to know how a situation will turn out, before it plays out. When unpleasant things happen that disrupt our plans, we get busy trying to control the outcome, and we want the unpleasantness to end quickly and to our advantage. When we try and control the conclusion of our circumstance we do not trust God as the Lord of our lives. Our desire to handle things of our own strength and our impatience to have God move "now" are telling God we do not trust Him with the hard problems in our lives. We are essentially telling Him that we are smarter than He is and we know what is best for us.

Many times we wonder why things are the way they are. We contemplate what needs to happen to fix things. We rationalize the steps to take in order to come to a desired end. We desire for God to act in ways that make sense to us, which compels us to take control and manipulate the result of an issue. To trust God is to give up that control, depend on His Word, and wait patiently for Him to do His work.

We say we trust God and we proclaim we have given a problem over to Him, but many of us have a "wait and see" approach to our problems. We pray to God and then "wait and see" how our situation is going to change; or, wonder if it will change. Our belief is not in God’s Word, but in the evidence we see after the problem is solved. We believe after the fact. That is not trust.

There is no situation you can get into that God cannot get you out. God is in control of every part of your journey. He is in control when you trek over the precipitous mountains, the sharp rocks and steep boulders. God is in control when you push, pull, and thrash about. He is in control when you are taken by surprise and are rendered speechless, when you toil and sway from side to side, when you strain under the pressure of the hour, and when you struggle to make sense of unexpected news.

Know today, every rough road has an end. Thus, keep moving. Hold on. Keep climbing. Keep believing. Keep praying and keep trusting. God is aware of your struggles. How do you trust God when you mind tells you to handle things on your own? There are two simple steps: 1) Seek God through His Word and through prayer and 2) Act on His Word. James 2:22 tells us, "You see, his [Abraham] faith and his actions worked together. His actions made his faith complete." (NLT)

Stay in God’s Word. As you get to know Him better, and as you grow to understand what He has promised and wait patiently for Him, your trust will mature. As you relinquish control to God by faith, He will prove Himself over and over again. Why? Faith and action yield results and those results will bring you to the end of your rough road.

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