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Psalm 139:8 If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. (KJV)

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"God is Always Wherever You Are" - Saturday, May 26, 2018 - by Dianne Prince

Psalm 139:8 If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. (KJV)

So many times we feel as if we are alone in life. In particular those with no children, those who are widowed, those whose children live far away and their presence is restricted by distance, those who are sick, good health is illusive and visits are scarce, those who are suffering in silence through a personal issue, those who have been worn down by bill collectors, those who have been looking for a job to no avail, and those who are spiritually tired. Yes, life will sometimes bring you to a place where you feel that no one has problems but you, no one understands what you are going through, no one cares about what is going on in your life, and no one would be there if you had a need.

Psalms 139:8 promises us we are never alone. I need you to say aloud, “I am never alone.” Why? God is everywhere at all times. And God is at all places at the same time. God is not restricted to time or space. No particle is so small that it evades God’s presence. And no solar system is too enormous that God does not inhabit it.

Although people may not always be present in our lives, God is always present with us. Psalm 46:1 tells us, God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Speaking of trouble, trouble begins in your mind. The devil plants a seed in your mind, “You are all alone.” As soon as the seed is planted, instead of watering it and allowing it to grow, you should immediately rely on your “Very Present Help [God]” to nip it in the bud. 

If you allow the seed of “you are all alone” to take root, the seed will develop into “what if” games. “What if” I get sick, who will take care of me?  “What if” I have an emergency, who will I call? “What if” my child does not straighten out? “What if” I have another heart attack?  “What if” I do not get the money for my rent? “What if” this situation does not get resolved in a timely manner? “What if, what if, what if”…. And, before long, you will end up in a state of depression—keeping on the same pajamas for 3 days, curtains closed all week, performing no hygiene, and the like.  You end up in this state all because you allowed the “you are all alone” seed to take hold. You nurtured it and it grew out of control.

God is always present, willing and able to come to your aid. He will demolish the “you are all alone” seed. God is always present not only with you as an individual, but He is present in all of His creation. Psalm 33:13-14 promises, “The Lord looks down from heaven; he sees all the children of man; from where he sits enthroned he looks out on all the inhabitants of the earth.” In other words, God is present in every situation, in all of creation, all of the time. He is not only in control of you, but He is in command of everyone and everything around you.

There is nothing you can go through and God is not already there. There is no circumstance that you experience that God does not already know about. He is in the middle of everything you experience. God is present with every encounter you have with another person. God is present when your outcome lies with the decision of another individual.  God is at hand when a person of power uses that power to oppress you or to hold you down.

God is walking with you everywhere you go. He is not only present with you at church and Christian functions, but He is present with you in your home, in every room of your home, in the grocery store check-out line, in the car, during your talks on the cell phone, while you are compiling text messages, in the midst of your social media posts, and yes, even at the bar and night club if you happen to end up there with your cousins who are in town for the family reunion.

There is no place you can go to escape God’s presence. Everywhere you go, God is already there. Always be aware of His presence and be encouraged that you are never alone.

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