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"Bloom Where You Are Planted" - Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - by Dianne Prince

John 15:8 This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples. (NIV)

We are commanded to be productive. However, sometimes we fail to do so because of where we are planted. We, many times put performing good deeds for others on hold because of where God has placed us. We hold back on lending a helping hand because of our circumstances, our position, or our surroundings.  We hold back because of our job, our church, our Pastor, our marital situation, or our being single. We hold back because of where we live, the size of our house, the model and age of the car we drive, our knowledge or lack of knowledge of the Bible, our habits, or because of us living outside the will of God.

Whatever shape your life is in is where God planted you. Wherever you are planted right now, is part of God’s plan for your spiritual growth. Do all you can where you are.  Wherever God has placed you right now, use all you have. Give God your best shot. Give Him your time, your intellect, and your attention. Give God all the energy you have.

How do you bloom where you are? Ask God to show you how to do good deeds on a daily basis—deeds that are free, yet highly impactful to the person on the receiving end. Here are some suggestions: check on an elderly couple, call up and chat with someone who is home bound, send a scripture of encouragement to someone who least expects it, or post an inspirational saying on social media.

If you find yourself in a less than ideal moral condition, use this phase to do some weeding. Lay aside every weight that so easily beset you. If you find yourself in a less than ideal ethical condition, use this phase to do some pruning. If you find yourself in a dry and arid condition, use this period to snip away those things that are depleting you of life, cut out those things that are drying up your energy and weed out those things that are choking you spiritually.

For Christians, bearing fruit means winning souls for Christ and encouraging those who are saved. It is visible evidence of your influence on those around you. Bearing fruit is manifested through your inner character—contentment, joy, a spiritual glow and a love for God’s people.

In order to bring forth fruit, a plant has to bloom. Blooming is necessary before fruit can be produced. A blooming plant is a sure sign of life. In the same way, a blooming Christian is a sure sign of God’s presence in and rule over a person’s life. Like a healthy plant, a blooming Christian bursts forth with color. He is radiant. He beams with vivacity. He is a picture of vitality, liveliness and vigor.

Mountain plants grow in the most bazaar conditions of any plant in the universe. Mountain plants are exposed to very high winds, extremely cold temperatures, fluctuating heat, thin rocky soil, ice, snow, very little oxygen, and massive amounts of ultraviolet radiation.

Mountain plants appear to have little nourishment. They appear to have no protection. However, they bloom in their season. They radiate their beauty. They strut their vibrancy as if to say, “Look at me. In spite of what I am going through, I am still here.” And, they offer hope to all who look upon their splendor, their magnificence, their brilliance and their grandeur.

Like the mountain flower, we find ourselves in many different circumstances, with many different trials, and in many different situations. God requires us to bloom where we are planted. He commands that we produce fruit in the midst of our environment. He commands us to be fruitful in spite of our plight.

Do not allow your environment to dictate your fruitfulness. Do not allow your surroundings, your lack, or your deficiencies to negatively influence your productivity for Christ.  Be fruitful in a nourishing flower garden as well as on the side of the nutrient-starved road. Be fruitful on the barren mountainside as well as in the fertile flowerbed. Do not allow changing circumstances to affect your fruitfulness. Be fruitful where you are and bloom in your season.

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