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Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice. - Psalm 55:17 (KJV)

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"Let the Spirit of God Rule" - Sunday, October 25, 2020 - by Dianne Prince

For who knows a person’s thoughts except their own spirit within them? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. 1 Corinthians 2:11 (NIV)

In every crisis, there are three forces at work. There is 1) Satan, 2) the Holy Spirit and 3) you. Each force has an agenda. And each force has a job.

Satan’s agenda is three-fold: 1) to keep your mind on the crisis.  He knows if he can keep you focused on what appears to be a hopeless situation, you will be distracted from the things of God. His schema is to frustrate you; to discourage you and to immobilize you.  2) His agenda is to cause confusion in your world. He accomplishes a chaotic environment by instigating evil; disguising himself as light; insinuating doubt; misusing scripture; conjuring up schemes and afflicting you. 3) His ultimate agenda is to impact your witness to the unsaved.

If the enemy can get you to act out, to react to trouble the way the world reacts to it, to react contrary to the word of God, your testimony to those watching becomes ineffective. The devil knows he cannot take away your salvation. Thus, his tactic is to prevent you from bringing others into the kingdom. What is the most effective way to prevent others from being saved? When the world can not see anything different about us, they want no part of who we claim to be in Christ.

When in a crisis, the Holy Spirit’s agenda is three-fold: 1) to be a present help during the crisis. To lead you into what needs to be done; to guide you when you are confronted with several choices and they all seem like good choices; to comfort you when you seem to be carrying the burden alone and to direct you when you appear to be at a dead end. 2) The Holy Spirit’s agenda is to give you discernment when it comes to the motives of those around you. Remember, the enemy’s agenda is to present himself as light. The Holy Spirit will reveal to you the true light. And He will expose those who are imitating light.

The Holy Spirit will reveal to you what is in the heart of those around you. He will shed light on people’s true motives. He will also give you a glimpse of what is coming around the corner, preparing you to for what lies ahead.  3)  The Holy Spirit’s agenda is to speak for you when you have no idea how to approach a person, how to begin the resolution of an issue and how to put the right words together for the crisis at hand.  He will give you the right words to say at the right time.

When in a crisis, your agenda is three-fold: 1) do not get immobilized, distracted or concerned about the outcome of the crisis. How? Go about your daily business. If you have a daily Bible study routine, continue with it. Stay on schedule – read, memorize, meditate and obey. If you have a daily prayer routine, keep it moving – worship, praise, confess, express your petitions, offer thanksgiving and stay committed.  2) Continue to be a good steward. Stewardship goes beyond tithes and offerings. Use your spiritual gifts to serve in your place of worship, in your community and in your volunteer organizations.  Make it a priority to help someone else in the middle of your crisis. 3) Walk in the spirit. Listen to God. Obey what He tells you to do. Act on what He says.

During a crisis, Satan’s job is to cause confusion, to get your distracted and to impact your witness for Christ so you will not be able to influence others to be saved. The Holy Spirit’s job is to lead, guide, direct, comfort and reveal the things of God to you. And your job is to let the Holy Spirit do His job. How do you let the Holy Spirit do his job? Set your mind on things that please God. Live a life of integrity. Submit to what God’s word says you should do even when the situation or experience is not comfortable. Hold on. Be steadfast. Wait. Sit still.

Today, after you pray, go about your daily business, and let the Holy Spirit do His job.

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