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Matthew 23:11 He who is greatest among you, let him serve.

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"Who is the Greatest?" - Thursday, July 19, 2018 - by Dianne Prince                                    

Matthew 23:11  He who is greatest among you, let him serve.

The world measures greatness of an individual by the span of their power, the value of their possessions, their economic prestige, their position on the social rung, and the degree of influence they have on others. Living a life of greatness does not mean living up to society’s expectations; nor, does it mean living up to somebody else’s standards, or doing extra-ordinary things. A life of greatness is a life where you do the best you can with who God made you to be using what God gave you to work with. It is not so much about doing great things. But it is more about doing little things well.

Jesus makes it easy for each of us to live a life of greatness.  A life of greatness is all about helping somebody who cannot help themselves. It is about doing for somebody who cannot do for themselves. It is about building up somebody who has lost hope. And, it is about reaching back to help somebody who has lost their way. Jesus says in Matthew 23:11, “He who is greatest among you, let him serve.” (KJV) Greatness, by God’s standards is not reserved for the smartest, the most educated, or even those who hold great positions in the world. You can be great right where you are, with the little money you have, with the few gifts you have, and with the limited skills you have. Greatness is not measured by the size, or the magnitude, or the spectacular-ness of what you do. Greatness is measured by your attitude, your consistency, your heartfelt commitment, and the generous, selfless giving of yourself to a cause that is greater than yourself.

How does greatness look? Greatness is giving a perfect stranger a simple, assuring smile or slipping a five-dollar bill in the hand of a senior adult who is on fixed income. Greatness is stopping by the home of someone who has not been in church for a while with an inexpensive item you carefully picked out from the Dollar Store just for them. It is going to the Nursing Home and reading the Sunday School lesson to a person whose eyes are failing.

A life of greatness is not necessarily about accomplishing great things. It is all about doing little things to influence other people in a positive way. The mark of a great man, woman, boy, or girl is those who give of their time, their skills, and their resources to influence this society for good. It is the little things that make a difference in the lives of others. Throughout the Bible, we see what a profound effect just one person can have on another person by the little things they did: Jethro over Moses, Jonathan over David, Elijah over Elisha, Daniel over King Darius of Persia, Jesus over the Samaritan woman (whole village revival), and the disciples over New Testament Christians.

Who is the greatest? The greatest is the one who serves others with a pure heart and the right motive. The songwriter says, “May the service I give, speak for me. May the service I give, speak for me. When I’ve done the best I can, and my friends don’t understand, may the work I’ve done speak for me.”

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